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Sr. Danielle Dwyer Artistic Director

Danielle Dwyer, CJ

A founding member of Elements Theatre Company, Sr. Danielle Dwyer has either directed or performed in nearly seventy productions since the company’s inception. Classically trained but also skilled in contemporary drama, Sr. Danielle earned her Master of Arts Degree from England’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the University of London. She studied voice, acting, and writing with Joanna Weir Ouston at Central School of Speech and Drama (London, England);  David Male of Cambridge University (Cambridge, England) and Shakespeare and Shakespeare & Company (Lenox, MA)and at the Stella Adler Studio in New York City.  She also trained with the Company in The Michael Checkov Technique with Lenard Petit in New York City.

Sr. Danielle’s directorial experience ranges from the  timeless humanity of Shakespeare (King LearMerchant of Venice and Julius Caesar) and Chekhov (The Cherry Orchard) to the biting comedy of Oscar Wilde (Lady Windermere’s Fan) and Yasmina Reza (God of Carnage) to the razor-sharp wit and deeply felt humanity of Alan Bennett (Talking Heads). The Barnstable Patriot recently noted:

“Under the able-handed direction of Sr. Danielle Dwyer this Julius Caesar sight and sound. Dwyer is able to combine the intimacy of the columned setting, the sound of the slap of the sandals on the stone floor, the dance of burning torches, the rich acting and the beautifully composed music…into not just a play for the audience to view but more like the transport of actually being there.”   (Julius Caesar)

Awe-inspiring…spectacular pageantry…exhilarating production… she reliably illuminates hidden ironies in the text….”  (King Lear)

As an actress, Sr. Danielle Dwyer is equally highly acclaimed.  Her recent roles include All My Sons, Kate Keller, Merchant of Venice, Shylock; Talking Heads, Irene; Julius Caesar, Calpurnia; God of Carnage, Annette Raleigh; Pillars of the Community, Lona Hessel; Twelfth Night, Malvolio; The Cherry Orchard, Ranevskaya; Lady Windermere’s Fan, Mrs. Erlynne; The Lion in Winter, Eleanor; Doctor Faustus, Mephistopheles; Richard III, Queen Elizabeth; Everyman, Everyman; and Lettice and Lovage, Lettice Douffet.

            “Sr. Danielle Dwyer reaches unbelievable depths in her portrayal of Kate Keller … She makes us feel  the pain and strength of this matriarch ….compelling performance. “ ( All My Sons, Broadway World)

“…her portrayal (of Irene Ruddock) in Alan Bennett’s monologue was so believable, so realistic, that at play’s end it felt a bit like waking up in another place. … British accent was flawless, but it was her understanding of her character’ humanity that really delivered.”  (Talking Heads, Cape Cod Times)

Sr. Danielle is also the author of several performance pieces, including short stories and plays, video scripts, poetic monologues, and narratives for worship and meditation.


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Brad Lussier Dramaturg

As the resident dramaturg at Elements Theatre Company, Brad Lussier serves as literary and historical advisor. Brad earned his AB in English and American Literature from Brown University. He also studied Creative Dramatics for Children at Roger Williams University, and conducted extensive studies in psychology, earning a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling from Boston University.

As a member of Elements Theatre Company, he pursues regular courses of study focused on specific techniques, playwrights, and methods, at home and in theatre “hubs” around the country and internationally – specifically, in Chicago, New York, and London. With the Company, he has studied voice training with specific emphasis in the Linklater method, with teachers Patsy Rodenberg, Joanna Weir Ouston, Elizabeth Ingram, Glynn MacDonald, and Sue Lefton.  The Company have had training in the Checkov Technique with Lenard Petit, and Combat Training with Nick Sandys Pullen.  Brad also leads workshops and classes whenever Elements Theatre Company tours to colleges and universities across the country.

Brad has notably played a wide diversity of characters, including the prestigious experience of Shakespeare’s King Lear.  Cape Cod Times theatre critics hailed him for his performance as one of 2016 best actors and he was acclaimed as “powerfully emotional….giving a compelling performance.”

His roles also include: All My Sons, Dr. James Bayliff;  Merchant of Venice, Launcelot Gobbo & Prince of Morocco; Talking Heads, Graham Whittaker; Julius Caesar, Brutus; Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge; The Cherry Orchard, Gayev; The Trial of Jesus, Judas; Lady Windermere’s Fan, Lord Darlington; The Lion in Winter, Geoffrey of Anjou; Everyman, Everyman; The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus, Faustus; The Comedy of Errors, Dromio of Ephesus;  Richard III, Clarence; A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oberon/Theseus; and, God of Carnage, Alan Raleigh.

“Lussier steals the show,” Merchant of Venice, Cape Cod Chronicle; … “magnificent!  Shines as Scrooge; his passion for the role is nearly tangible…a standout, spot-on, with nary a false note in the Brit accents”, A Christmas Carol, Barnstable Patriot.

“…extraordinary, totally inhabiting his role physically and emotionally one actually believes he is telling a story, rather than relating Bennett’s dialog….timing is perfect…understands his character’s baseline so every word he says after that rings true,” (Graham) Talking Heads, Cape Cod Times.


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Karen Cragg Artistic Administrator

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Karen Minster Administrative Assistant



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Sr. Danielle Dwyer Founding MemberSince 1992


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Heather Norman Member

Lydia Lubey,  All My Sons
Oswald,  King Lear
Jessica,  The Merchant of Venice



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Hannah Tingley Apprentice

Curan, Celtic Band, King Lear
Servant to Calphernia, Julius Caesar
Belinda Cratchit, A Christmas Carol