Big City, Amish Country

The past two days were travel days, heading from NYC to Chicago – stopping half way in Mercer, PA.  Going from Times Square to Amish Country was a large and somewhat welcome shift. 


Seeing the Amish buggies got me thinking about the Amish people and how their core values center around the process of submission or “the offering up of oneself”.  I realized that that is really no different from the job of an Actor.  I am learning more and more working with Elements Theatre Company that in order to truly “submit” to the story on stage, the actor must “get out of the way” or yeild yourself in a way.  And only then are the real truths communicated through the production.  Interesting.  We are only in PA for one night but I think I will take a page from the Amish way of life – look out Chicago!

IMG_6505 IMG_6520