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The Dining Room is a Play for Players

For those of us who are not familiar with this play (like me!), here is what the Artistic Director had to say about it.

One dining room becomes a kind of twilight zone for specific situations that are quite familiar to many of us. Though Gurney has set this play in a wealthy economic setting, the situations are universal — often quite funny and very moving. The play is primarily about relationships — the beginning of a new one, or the disintegration of an old one: a mother/daughter scene full of manipulation; a young boy set-up by his parents to wheedle money out of his grandfather; a family trying to cope with their mother’s dementia.  While the dining room fades in its importance, much of what the room has been used for comes under scrutiny for its continued relevance in a time and society that is becoming all about what is convenient, fast, and technologically driven,” 

Danielle Dwyer, Artistic Director.

The Dining Room!

Elements is starting to work on a play called “The Dining Room” by A. R. Gurney.  From what I’ve heard its going to be amazing.  The actors are reveling in the character studies that this play uses as its structure. The single constant through this play is the dining room itself.  The players have the challenge of 57 different characters with using only 7 actors ! 
This should be interesting to watch….