Monthly Archives: June 2012


Well the rumor is Elements theatre is reading. From what I’ve heard it seems that being a player means you experience it first. As a actor reading, if you separate yourself from the character it cheats the whole purpose. To me this takes bravery and trust. You have to bravely display inner parts of yourself and trust that those with you will air their own inner parts and forgive the flaws in yours. What a band of “brothers” you must be.

What is Drama?

What is true drama? Over the centuries the forms have changed but the intent has remained- to communicate or share in some way an event to others.  Whether it is storytelling around the campfire, marionette puppets or actors on a stage, the hope is to share an experience with another. 
Elements Theatre Company has finished their performance of The Dining Room, but they are not quietly resting on their “laurels”.  They are getting ready for a months study in Chicago.  There they will study among other things, stage combat, performance technique, and the playwright Ibsen.  Keep an eye on our facebook page (here) in August to check in with them.  As you can see by the list of classes Elements Theatre continues to purse the best tools to create Drama.