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Everyone Craves Drama

Whether you are a Book Worm, a Couch Potato, or a Drama Queen, everyone craves amusement of some sort.  Just sitting the office, I enjoy a quick story or reaction from another person.  It takes you out of your own sphere for a minute and lets you know you are still alive somehow.  My favorite is when someone flounces through the office without saying a word. 
 You just have to smile. 

Creative spin

Swirling around me in this office is buzzing activity.  I have a computer programmer snapping his fingers working out loud how to do only God knows what, mumbling from the finance office (that’s pretty normal actually !), two Elements people perplexed and sparring vocabulary as only dramatists can about how to land a venue in Boston, two publicists working on the phones for Gloriae Dei Cantores tour (IN TEN DAYS !!), and one tour planner and a tech guy kneeling in front of the printer,( and I’m not repeating what they are saying anywhere)!

Meanwhile I sit here like a real life “Wheres Waldo?” hidden in plain sight. Trying desperately to spin a fascinating blog… Its so Broadway.  I can almost hear them breaking into lines and song. 

 I’ll let you know how it ends !

Ibsens’ mirror

Most artists use situations or materials from around them as inspiration.  Ibsen was no exception to this when he wrote his play “Pillars of the Community”. Born into a well to do shipping family similar to Karsten Bernicks’ family in the Norwegian village of Skien, Ibsens’ father eventually lost the family fortune and turned to alcohol.  Ibsen saw his mother suffer from her husbands financial situation as well as the alcoholism and she always remained in his eyes to be a victim in his family .  When I read through the play the first time I had the sense that there was something that Ibsen was working through.  While I’m sure that it was not a autobiographical play, there were many strong scenes that rang true. As though the reader was there.

I think he was.


Tonight was the photo shoot for Element’s production of the Pillars of Community! I am always grateful to be involved in these experiences because it amazes me how each photo can capture a character’s unique personality. Whether your character is quizzical, or brooding, or excited; with just a twitch of a lip or an arch of an eyebrow, you can see their character take shape and change right in front of you. These experiences inform me as an actor, that it takes commitment and physicality to bring a character to life. But most importantly, it has to come from inside you, because sometimes you can’t use words to express yourself!

Voluntary capture of the soul

Today’s the day for the photo shoot for “Pillars of the Community”.  There was an old belief that a picture can capture the essence of someones soul..I can’t wait to see what part of the soul the camera will tell when we have our clothes, makeup, and are working our magic.  This is when all the work inside ourselves and outside comes together.  They say the camera never lies, and that’s true.  If someone is struggling with a quality in their character this is where it shows up.