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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

ThereGlobe theatre cake is a team of us who make decorated cakes. For Elements’ Theatre Birthday Bash we were asked to make the Globe Theatre as a cake! (Actually 2 Globe Theatre cakes – one for Friday and one for Saturday.)
Decorating cakes is super enjoyable. I love the challenge of transforming a photograph of something into an edible cake.
Every cake has it’s moments of panic. True to form, there were a few with this one. For example, would the cake to be served following Friday evening’s performance still be standing at the end of the play as it slowly tipped throughout the night. The result was a Leaning Tower of Globe Theatre, but it did hold and most importantly, it tasted great! We also learned how to engineer a thatched roof (FYI – Rice Crispy treats don’t work as well as Shredded Wheat) In the end sometimes you just have to use some inedible materials to make the final product work. (Sssshhh, don’t tell anyone……)
My favorite part is the final stage when you decide what pieces to add to really bring it to life. Some bushes on the landscape…paint the fondant windows with water to make them shiny like glass…a small stone pathway up to the doors…..
In the end, these cakes looked great and were a fitting way to say – “Happy 450th Birthday Shakespeare!”

Sr Seana Shannon

Marny Leonard – A lifetime of celebration A good friend has died, but her memory lives on.

A good friend and a wonderful fan of Elements died on March 30, 2014, at the age of 97. Marny Leonard possessed an indomitable spirit and a tremendously warm heart. She recorded a sonnet for our Word Made Flesh project, and represents the oldest person to send us a recording so far. Thank you, Marny, for sharing your gift of life with us. We will miss you.

Follow this link to see Marny’s sonnet.