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I Am Cassius

“Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.”
I am Cassius.
Cruel, aggravator, seductive, snake-in-the-grass, ignoble, ugly, savage.
I am Cassius.
Conspirator, assassin, soldier, swordsman, insatiable, underestimated, symbiote.
I am Cassius.
Collapsing, ardent, soulful, sympathetic, insecure, upended, submissive.
I am Cassius.
Countryman, amorous, steadfast, single-hearted, immovable, unrelenting, suicidal.

The danger in a role like Cassius is to focus on the outward – the evil, murdering villain, who whispers, bullies, and connives his way into the ear of his victims, preying on their every possible weakness in order to further his own cause.

The danger in a role like Cassius it to miss what makes him human, weak, vulnerable – blind to the signs and wonders blazing in the heavens all around him; victim to his own insatiable lust and rage against tyranny, inequality; insecure enough not to stand on the podium himself, but to place someone else there instead; uncertain enough to submit to bad judgment, when keeping his own, wiser counsel would have saved the day.

The danger in a role like Cassius is to focus on the hardened warrior, the scars, the fighter, the blood-shedding leader of battles, and miss entirely the man who so loves and believes in his friend, who so gives himself to his brothers in the field, that upon learning his mistake cost them their lives, decides to take his own.

I am Cassius. And somehow I am growing to love this epicurean, pleasure-denying, idealistic man and murderer.