I never realized how much fun it would be to beat each other up! Not literally, of course. In our Stage Combat class with our instructor Nick, we were assigned two person scenes that contain physical fights. It’s our job to look at the scene with our partner, memorize the lines, and come up with a fight sequence based on the text. Oh man! It’s been such a fun project. Each scene is so unique; some between couples, some between mothers and daughters. I get to do a Little Brother- Older Brother fight, which is always fun. Nick can just look at what you are doing, and say, “That’s really cool, but here’s another idea you could add here too! Every little brother hates it when his older brother does this.” And he’ll offer a suggestion that makes the scene stronger and more real.  Looking around the studio at everyone as they work out their scenes, I can’t help but laugh. They look so realistic, it’s a little bit alarming! Who knew that watching people you know beat each other up could be so funny sometimes! After all, its all fun and games until someone really gets hurt . . . right? 

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