About Us


Since primitive man uttered his first “ugh,” humans have asked: who am I, how did I get here, and where am I going. Some have tried to answer or explore those questions through a particular brand of storytelling called “theatre.” We, at Elements Theatre Company explore those answers, and render the literature of the theatre with imagination and integrity. Elements is a resident ensemble,  dedicated to exploring the vitality of the word and the deepest truths present in the text.

Through dramatic storytelling and imaginative stagecraft, Elements approaches both classical and modern works with honesty and authenticity. The transformative work to become the text—to inhabit another world and live another’s life—is both our pleasure and privilege. We believe in the community born between playwright, actor, and audience. We seek to be available to that divine moment when inspiration, faithfulness, hard work, and love merge, and transport us beyond the familiar into something new.

Founded in 1993, Elements Theatre Company from Orleans, MA under the direction of Danielle Dwyer, CJ has stirred and inspired minds and hearts of audiences through dramatic storytelling and imaginative stagecraft of both classical and modern works, both nationally and internationally.  The Company’s commitment to integrity and intensity of language and context, devotion to the transformative work to become the text, and courage to attack the scope of humanity in all its horror, loveliness and humor, has resulted in high acclaim for their performance authenticity and honesty.

True to Elements’ mission of conversation and education, the Company launched a panel discussion series in 2013: Arts in Conversation, with leaders in arts, education, religion, media and social outreach with the aim to enrich public dialogue on the power of the arts to humanize or culture.  Highlights of the Company’s mission include two tours in Tuscany, Italy performing original mystery plays in Latin, several Eastern U. S. and East Coast tours, as well as tours in New York City, Chicago and Boston. As well as their own continual study focused on specific techniques, playwrights and methods in London, New York, Chicago, and at Shakespeare & Company, Elements has held workshops sharing their knowledge with students in schools and universities during each tour and at home. The Company regularly studies voice with specific emphasis in the Linklater method as well as other disciplines, and some of their noteworthy instructors include: Patsy Rodenberg, Joanna Weir Ouston, Glynn MacDonald, Sue Lefton,  and Lenard Petit. 

Performance highlights of the past decade include:  Blithe Spirit, collaboration with Gloriæ Dei Cantores, Ralph Vaughan William’s Opera fully staged, The Pilgrim’s ProgressAll My Sons, King Lear, Quem Quæritis (an original work of the Mystery Plays performed in Latin), The Merchant of Venice, Talking Heads, Julius Caesar, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night, Cherry Orchard, Pillars of the Community, A Christmas Carol, God of Carnage, The Dining Room, Rumors, Lion in Winter, and Lady Windermere’s Fan.

“As the company mission statement indicates, Elements Theatre Company is about more than entertainment: every piece they undertake explores the breadth of humanity — its horror, its loveliness, and its humor — with honesty. These actors hold up the mirror for themselves and in turn give us, the audience, the courage to look into that mirror too, and not shy away from what we find.”JULIE HARRIS (FIVE TIME TONY AWARD WINNING ACTRESS AND ELEMENTS THEATRE COMPANY BOARD OF REFERENCE)