Elements Theatre Company in Photos

Ralph Vaughn Williams’ Opera, THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS – highlight photos 
Photo Credit: T Charles Erickson – © T Charles Erickson Photography.  Act I, Scene I:  Neighbors try to discourage Pilgrim from traveling further on his journey.Act I, Scene II:  House BeautifulFrom Act II, Scene 1: The Arming of Pilgrim.  The King’s HighwayAct II, Scene II:  Doleful CreaturesArthur Miller’s ALL MY SONS
Kate Keller with Ann Deever
Ann Deever between her brother George Deever and Chris KellerKate and Joe Keller

William Shakespeare’s KING LEAR
King Lear with Cordelia
King Lear,  Duke of Cornwall and Earl of Gloucester
King Lear with Edgar, the Fool, Earl of Kent and Earl of Gloucester
King Lear and Gloucester Cordelia and husband Duke of Albany
Goneril comes to meet King Lear and they are reconciled. The two brothers, Edmund and Edgar.