Good-bye Chicago

We have come to the end of our month in Chicago and it has been a very full and rich experience.  The 18 hour drive home is a welcome time to sift through the different classes and questions still turning over from this month.  I am happy to go home with questions, burning with a sense of what to work on and where to take things next, but the question still remains – will I challenge myself?  Will I believe enough in this need to be different to persevere?  We have been fortunate to meet so many interesting people in Chicago, but we have been especially fortunate to have had such a strong and committed set of teachers who met us where we were and pushed us to something beyond.  It has been a wonderful experience and so many more surfaces to work on and to see theatre through.  Thank you for traveling with us through this blog as we’ve kept a log of our time, it is a month not to be forgotten.

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