Last Chance to see The Dining Room

This is the last weekend to see this moving play.  It is one of those plays where there are moments of stunned silence from the audience because the actor has struck a chord in everyone.  This is not to be missed.  In Elements theatre company there is an agreement between the players to pursue the truth about oneself and that agreement is played out right in front of everyone. 

Here is another post from the stagehands.  They are three highschool students that Elements has in their group. The education that they are getting about being honest to oneself in their Art is clear by what they have written here.
     “There is something incredible about sitting and witnessing the transformation. To see a child from a birthday party turn into an old man in only a few seconds is amazing. From backstage we can see the difference in posture, walking, and  expression. This play really brings out the true meaning of seamless performance.
     I was blown away at the last performance when an actor was walking around backstage as one of their characters that is a much older man than he is. It was completely believable to me that he was suddenly 80 or 90 years old! The way he played the character reminded me of a particular elderly man that I knew. Later, backstage I found out that elderly man who he had reminded me of was actually the actor’s exact inspiration! That was so impressive to me that he had so accurately portrayed his inspiration.”

Isn’t this what Art is all about ? What do you think?

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