Opposites Attract – Part One

I find opposites an absolute thrill.

In our Dream, we’ve discovered that the Mechanicals all have their foils in the Fairies. Peter Quince, Snout, Snug and Flute — salt-of-the-earth citizens struggling to stay upright and on the wagon — evolve into Peaseblossom, Mustardseed, Moth and Cobweb — amoral sprites who don’t hesitate to do…well, anything Titania tells them.

The Mechanicals also seem to discover their alter-egos in their roles in Pyramus and Thisby. During a rehearsal of 5.1 the other night, we found ourselves in the middle of a sort of epic Greek drama, involving elevated poses and complex choreography.
This is a rush. And I think it’s because all of these opposites have already met inside of each one of us, and they are simply psyched to be let out of their cages for a little while.
Taking it a little further, I think this might be why Dream is thrilling in general. In your own dreams, you can suddenly be anything and find yourself anywhere. The same’s true in this Dream: our inner monarchs, lovers, magicians, and warriors all show up for the party.

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