Dramatized with flair and wit in a version first performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company, this adaptation of the ageless story captures Dickens’ ironic point of view while it creates a panoramic view of Victorian London. All of the much loved characters weave in and out of chorus-style interludes to make for wonderful Christmas experience.  “God Bless us all, everyone.”

Cast & Staff

Cast & Staff

The Cast

(in order of their appearance)

Ebenezer Scrooge Brad Lussier
Bob Cratchit Br. Stephen Velie
Fred, Scrooge’s nephew Kyle Norman
First Portly Gentleman Peter Haig
Second Portly Gentleman Luke Norman
Tiny Tim Jacob Ortolani
Jacob Marley’s Ghost Chris Kanaga
The Spirit of Christmas Past Sr. Danielle Dwyer
Farm Folk Ellen Ortolani, Heather Catlin
Headmaster Chris Kanaga
Child Scrooge Dane Olsen
Robinson Crusoe/Parrot Sarah Hale
Fan, Scrooge’s sister Heather Catlin
Young Scrooge Jeremy Haig, Kyle Norman
Fezziwig Peter Haig
Dick Wilkins, Fezziwig’s other apprentice Br. Stephen Velie
Mrs. Fezziwig Vicky Kanaga
Fezziwig’s Children and Friends Sarah Hale, Lindsey Kanaga, Heather Catlin, Jeremy Haig
Belle, once engaged to Scrooge Ellen Ortolani
Belle’s Daughter Heather Catlin
First Child Solomon Olsen
Second Child Lily Schuman
Belle’s Husband Peter Haig
The Spirit of Christmas Present Chris Kanaga
Peter Cratchit Gabriel Olsen
Martha Cratchit Sarah Hale
Mrs. Cratchit Ellen Ortolani
Belinda Cratchit Hannah Tingley
2 young Crachit children Dane Olsen, Lily Schuman
Fred’s Wife Lindsey Kanaga
Topper Peter Haig
Miss Rosie, the Plump Sister Sr. Danielle Dwyer
Old Joe, a receiver of stolen property Chris Kanaga
Mrs. Dilber, a laundress Vicky Kanaga
Charwoman Sr. Danielle Dwyer
An Undertaker’s Man Heather Catlin
The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come Kate Shannon
Boy Jeremy Haig
Poulterer’s Man Br. Jacob Witter
Ignorance Lily Schuman
Want Solomon Olsen


Chorus and Musicians

Heather Catlin, Vicky Kanaga, Kyle Norman, Peter Haig, Sarah Hale, Jeremy Haig, Lindsey Kanaga, Rachel McKendree, Kate Shannon

Sr. Sharon Hunter, Kathy Schuman, Sr. Phoenix Marcella Catlin, Wendy Saran, Amanda Schuman, Luke Norman, Br. Jacob Witter, Br. Nathanael Reese, Br. Paul Norman

Mark Albro, Paul Tingley, Sr. Marianne Wierzbinski, Jim Pfieffer, Br. Christopher Swidrak

Kyle Norman

Br Matthew Gillis

Production Personnel

Sr. Danielle Dwyer

Technical Director
Chris Kanaga

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News & Reviews

News & Reviews

“A sumptuous Christmas Carol in every way” —Barnstable Patriot

“…An emotionally moving and hope-filled play.” —Cape Codder

Dickens With All the Trimmings in Orleans

By Ellen Petry Whalen, Cape Codder

Traditions are an important part of the holidays.


Dickens and Dinner Served Well by Elements Company

By John Watters, Barnstable Patriot

A sumptuous Christmas Carol in every way

Local theaters across the Cape are dishing up their standard holiday fare, but if you want to enjoy the season in a truly lavish way none will compare to Elements Theatre Company’s spectacular dinner-theater production of Charles Dickens’ classic tale of redemption, A Christmas Carol.

Elements, the resident theater company of the Community of Jesus in Orleans, has a longstanding reputation for presenting first-class theater productions with sharp acting, creative sets and beautiful costumes.


“Carol” Rings in Christmas Spirit

Kate Macdonald, Cape Cod Times

With the recent wave of warm weather, it has not felt like the Christmas season is rapidly approaching.


From the Director

From the Director

Dear Friends,

Dickens seemed to live by the same motto as Mahatma Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

His writings are full of heart, full of his concern for the city he loved, full of compassion for the people he saw suffering every day. He was a man of his time, writing for his time and driven to remove the social scars he saw building.

It is our delight and pleasure as a theatre company to have the experience of A Christmas Carol as a part of our history; a piece beloved for almost 170 years; a piece that has offered hope and the possibility of redemption; a piece that reminds us it is never too late and we can change even in the latter hours of our day.

Therefore we, at Elements Theatre Company, wish to say,
A Merry Christmas to All and God Bless us everyone!
Have a great evening!

See and Hear