Charley and Myra Brock are celebrating their 10th anniversary and have invited all their good friends. Chris and Ken Gorman, a legal couple, are the first ones to arrive. They show up only to find that Myra is missing and Charley has “accidentally” shot himself in the ear. Charley is unconscious and so unable to tell them what happened. Charley is the deputy Mayor of New York City and, hoping to avoid a scandal, Ken and Chris go about covering up what they assume to be the truth of the situation. As the rest of the guests arrive — Claire and Len Ganz, Ernie and Cookie Cusack, and Cassie and Glenn Cooper — the story of Charley and Myra’s anniversary evening gone awry grows and develops. In the end all the guests are complicit in a cover-up that no one even really understands, but the fantastical events of the evening are hilarious and give a rich basis for great characters doing what Neil Simon does best – making the mundane…insane!

Cast & Staff

Cast & Staff

The Cast

(in order of their appearance)

Chris Gorman Sr. Danielle Dwyer
Ken Gorman Chris Kanaga
Claire Ganz Ellen Ortolani
Lenny Ganz Brad Lussier
Ernie Cusack Br. Stephen Velie
Cookie Cusack Rachel McKendree
Glenn Cooper Luke Norman
Cassie Cooper Kate Shannon
Officer Welch Kyle Norman
Officer Pudney Karen Catlin

Sr Danielle Dwyer
Technical Director
Chris Kanaga

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News & Reviews

News & Reviews

“Doubling as the director, Dwyer makes sure each character’s tics are fully developed to produce constant laughter as the show spirals to its surprising conclusion…” —Cape Cod Times

“A sheer delight to watch, and wonderfully entertaining in the adept hands of Elements’ ensemble cast…” —Barnstable Patriot

Simon's 'Rumors' aims barbs at country club set

By Johanna Crosby, Cape Cod Times

Nobody’s better at creating neurotic characters than Neil Simon.

And eight of them create combustible laughter in his riotous 1988 comedy, “Rumors.”

The plot-driven play was Simon’s first and very funny attempt at farce.


Rumors has it: there's a great play in Orleans

Written by John Watters, Barnstable Patriot

It’s a funny thing about rumors.


From the Director

From the Director

Dear Friends,

Rumors has been a delight for Elements Theatre Company. Since our very first read-through, the main challenge has remained to keep a straight face and not fall into gales of laughter at Neil Simon’s ingenious, rapid-fire humor.

Neil Simon seems to be a master at transforming the mundane into moments of great hilarity: a telephone call becomes a relay race of confusing and distorted messages, dinner preparations turn into a series of crisis and injury, and finding the simple truth grows into the greatest hurdle of all.

Rumors was written later on in Simon’s career, and we couldn’t help but wonder how many of these recognizable (though not necessarily lovable) characters had actually danced across the stage of Simon’s own life.

Four well-to-do couples are invited to the 10th anniversary celebration of Charlie and Myra Brock. They arrive at intervals to the party, only to find a rapidly developing set of unexpected, unlikely, and disturbing circumstances. Suddenly, eight successful professionals become eight scrambling lunatics running for cover, and turning on each other at a moment’s notice.

This is true farce, and every moment is fraught with peril of some sort. But Simon spins those situations that would be not-so-funny in real life, into side-splitting interchanges that leave us gasping for breath. Suddenly we can picture ourselves in very similar scenarios, and hope that we have the grace to laugh at ourselves then just as we’re laughing now.
A true ensemble piece, Rumors has kept us all on our toes from “day one” – we trust you’ll enjoy it as much as we have.

Sr. Danielle Dwyer

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