Ready, SET…

            And now for the moment you’ve all been anxiously awaiting…. The set for Pillars of the Community has been moved in to Elements venue! (Paraclete House at Rock Harbor). Wow- it is massive! I had seen the set before, when I actually got to help paint it out in the workshop, but it is entirely different and striking to see it in the actual playing space. I don’t remember a set that we’ve had quite as tall as this one- it was designed even with a balcony! So many hours of work- from the early planning and designing stages to the actual construction and painting- have gone into this set, and it definitely shows.
I love this time in a production when the set comes in, the props are laid out on tables in the back, lights hung, and the Company prepares for tech weeks. The play really begins to take on a life of its own! When I go through that room with the set, I almost feel like I’m passing through the world of the characters.  It’s funny how wood and materials, (if used well:) can transport you to another time and place altogether.

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