Surprises to live by

As the end of the trip draws near, I realize how many things I have learned about myself through this experience. The most recent thing I learned that surprised me, was how much sound I can create! Yesterday during our voice lesson with Christine, I felt my voice open up and I felt the vibrations running through my body. I had never thought of my voice as all that powerful, but when I was calling across the room, the amount of sound and life coming from me was surprising and actually really exciting. I have also realized that I am not a natural leader or follower – as much as I don’t want to follow, I also don’t want to lead. The encouraging part is that I can make the daily effort to stand up and take the lead every once in a while. In an improv scene, I can push myself that little bit farther to take the lead and make those decisions, or not to waiver when someone might conflict with my ideas. This realization is important for me in my normal life and in theater, and I am inspired to move forward with this new knowledge. The sadness I feel about the trip coming to an end is matched by my excitement and anticipation moving forward. 

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