The Stage of Transformation



I don’t know how to describe the moment when something on stage is transformative.  You cannot make it happen. You work, so that all the doors are open for this moment of magic to rush in.  When we rehearse we talk of being “available” so much so that I think it has now lost its real meaning.  Being in the moment is another equivalent, but what I realize again, the moment of magic is not about you, the performer, it is about the life of the story set free again for another group of people.  Its like we pay the ransom for this kidnapped, contained life by doing all we can getting out of the way, learning our parts, researching the story etc. to invite this moment of magic to live and in that mystery words are fleshed, people transformed and a new truth whispered into the audience’s ears. Best not to know how it happens, and an invaluable experience of which I am always deeply grateful to have been a part.