Rehearsal Building

In 2016, a small Cape Cod-style home was given to Elements Theatre Company for the express purpose of renovation for use as a much-needed rehearsal space. It was at this time that what became known as “The Joppa Project” was born, and the renovation began. The actors of the company themselves led the way, and with the help of many volunteers and donors, were able to create space for two large rehearsal rooms, a meeting/conference room, expansive back deck, small serviceable kitchen, laundry area, and bathrooms. Soaring ceilings, Asian inspired architectural details, and a stunning recycled birch wood floor tell the story of dedicated artists at work to create a building with an ambiance, and beauty that nurtures the art of theater.

Today, Joppa stands next to the Chapter House of the Community of Jesus, reflecting the exterior style and materials of surrounding structures, yet unique in its function and design. Within the walls, Elements Theatre Company rehearses current productions, hones acting skills workshops, and welcomes visiting teachers and students for an annual Acting Intensive Retreat. The lower level rehearsal space is often alive as young people take part in acting classes and give impromptu performances for their instructors. A building can become much more than an architectural space when it houses the creative energy of the arts.