Workshop Opportunities with Elements Theatre Company
Sharing the gift of theatre and performance art is one of the most fulfilling things we do as an ensemble. Workshops can be geared to the needs of your group, designed to offer a variety of practical ways to explore the treasures available in the theatre arts.

Our work isn’t only for those interested in acting. The same fundamental principles are appropriate for exploring poetry, creative writing, history, public speaking, team building, and more. We prefer to design our workshops to your specific needs, but some of our most popular workshops are listed below as a springboard for discussion.


This workshop will help participants develop the fundamental building blocks for acting and character work. Participants will learn to explore and unlock the text and engage the imagination, in order to begin the process of fully becoming a character. Through mental and physical exercises and interactive play, individuals will be introduced to the basics of acting and move toward performing a monologue or scene.


Improvisation is an invaluable tool—not just in theatre, but also in everyday life. The power of “YES” strengthens ensemble, enhances the quality of play, stretches the imagination, creates inroads to deeper understanding of characters and scenes, and builds confidence. This workshop teaches the principles behind improvisation using exercises and activities that cultivate imagination, creativity, and “impulse dialogue.”


Learn concrete techniques for approaching classical theatre—specifically Shakespeare. Students will be taught to identify the “clues” in Shakespeare’s rich texts, and introduced to the Elizabethan worldview. From beginners to those experienced in Shakespeare, this workshop will help actors bring the language to life, and allow them to find and embody the very human characters that Shakespeare created.

Word Made Flesh: Sonnet Workshop

Learn the basics of Shakespeare’s language through the Sonnets. The Sonnets have often been used by master Shakespeare teachers to help beginners unlock the secrets and find the beauty present in Shakespeare’s verse, before tackling some of Shakespeare’s great characters. Learn about structure and meter, understand the meaning, and employ tools that help the language become part of you, so that the words are truly “made flesh.”

Text and Language

This workshop combines the principles from the acting workshop, with the text analysis from the Shakespeare workshop, to help flesh out a play and its characters. This workshop is best applied to a play with which students are already familiar, so they can begin to put the work “on its feet.”

Workshop content, duration, and fees are negotiable.

For more information, pricing, or to book a workshop please contact:
Betsy Sorensen
Artistic Administrator