Since primitive man uttered his first “ugh,” humans have asked: who am I, how did I get here, and where am I going. Some have tried to answer or explore those questions through a particular brand of storytelling called “theatre.” We, at Elements Theatre Company explore those answers, and render the literature of the theatre with imagination and integrity. The transformative work to become the text—to inhabit another world and live another’s life—is both our pleasure and privilege. We believe in the vitality of the word and the community born between playwright, actor, and audience. We seek to be available to that divine moment when inspiration, faithfulness, hard work, and love merge, and transport us beyond the familiar into something new.

“Elements Theatre Company is about more than entertainment: every piece they undertake explores the breadth of humanity—its horror, its loveliness, and its humor—with honesty. These actors hold up the mirror for themselves and in turn give us, the audience, the courage to look into that mirror too, and not shy away from what we find.“