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From the Director

Dear Friends,

When we started working on Battered and Bright one thing was non-negotiable: our stories of the saints had to be as they were–real people living real lives. The process took on a sort of archeological dig quality, we rummaged through their lives, passions, actions, convictions—all that makes up the mission of a soul. Keeping this template of focus in front of us revealed men and women who knew themselves, and whose appetite for God overshadowed all else.

As actors, our job is to bring to life the character we are playing, as they say “from page to stage.” I love that part of the journey. As I get to know the character, their thoughts, feelings, and motivations, I make an agreement with the character to allow them into parts of myself for a period of time. I have never regretted that. I have been frightened at times, but in the end, enriched, changed in some way and oddly at peace with more of myself. I have heard this process of character development likened to Jacob wrestling with the angel. It can definitely feel like wrestling to get into the character’s skin, and at the same time, not wanting to let them go until they have blessed me.

But wrestling with St. Francis or Catherine of Siena? That’s another question. And yet, as we have worked on these people and their lives, what thrills me is their frail humanity. Their honest and living knowledge of themselves ignited and fed their blazing love of God. These people, on fire for God and his will in their lives, stumbled often—were angry, selfish, difficult to be with, and still, like King David, were men (and women) after God’s own heart.

We found hope as we charted their journey of spirit—walking through their lives, exploring their unrelenting commitment and vigorous faith. In pursuit of a single-hearted call, their lives exploded in vibrant color, and they became heroes of the ordinary and extraordinary. This work on Battered and Bright has inspired me to align myself with these witnesses; align myself with this freshness of testimony and to play as active a part now as I can in the Communion of Saints.

God Speed,
Sr. Danielle Dwyer
Artistic Director, Elements Theatre Company

My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.   —2 Corinthians 12:9

“As we charted their journey of spirit, walked through their lives, explored their vibrancy of faith and commitment, we found hope.  In pursuit of a single-hearted call, their lives exploded in vibrant colors, and they became heroes of the ordinary and extraordinary.”
—Artistic Director, Danielle Dwyer, CJ