Elements Theatre Company Presents A Christmas Carol

By John Mortimer, Adapted from the story by Charles Dickens

A Dramatic Re-telling of the Classic Story

December 16 & 17, 7:30 p.m.
December 18, 3:00 p.m.

Performing Arts Building
95 Southern Eagle Cartway, Brewster, MA

This year, Elements Theatre Company’s recounting of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol harkens back to the original method of storytelling used by Dickens himself. The imaginative, vibrant and vital descriptions of his characters and places bring to life the London of his day. The jewel of his storytelling is the rich and real understanding of humanity as revealed in one man’s journey to a new heart. Scrooge is visited by three Spirits who offer him a precious gift of grace: the illumination of his conscience and a chance to turn around and begin life again, on a new path.

Dickens’ vivid language plunges us onto the streets, “narrow, foul and filled with misery”, and invites us to an intimate seat as Scrooge is shown the suffering his choices have caused to himself and others – “Why not decrease the surplus population?”

Harness your imagination to the theatrical brilliance of Dicken’s language and accompany Scrooge as the Spirits lead him on a “voyage of discovery.”

“It was more than a reading; it was an extraordinary exhibition of acting …without a single prop or bit of costume, by changes of voice, by gesture, by vocal expression, Dickens peopled his stage with a throng of characters.” —Edgar Johnson

Tickets: 508-240-2400, or purchase below:

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