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Oaks of Mamre

Turmoil. Injustice. Uncertainty. Is there any hope? The wild Oaks are still standing—the secret keepers. Strong promises are held in their deep roots, and ancient wisdom in their bark. Will there be an end to the struggle? Embark on a journey and witness the struggle for peace in a seemingly hopeless situation. Oaks of Mamre: A Retelling of an Ancient Story, is an original production presented by Sr. Danielle Dwyer, Artistic Director of Elements Theatre Company, and is part of the Sacred Drama Series Exploring Transfigured Lives. This gutsy story will be enhanced by originally composed music, as well as a massive set featuring a big Oak tree.

“[We] commend this theater group for seeking to be agents of change through art.”
America Magazine

Under the direction of Sr. Danielle Dwyer, CJ, Elements Theatre Company has stirred and inspired minds and hearts of audiences through dramatic storytelling and imaginative stagecraft of both classical and modern works, both nationally and internationally. The Company’s commitment to integrity and intensity of language and context, devotion to the transformative work to become the text, and courage to delve into the scope of humanity has resulted in high acclaim for their performance authenticity and honesty.

Friday, Jan. 31 and Saturday, Feb. 1, 7:30 p.m.

Church of the Transfiguration
Rock Harbor, Orleans, MA

Tickets: $35; $30 Seniors; Free for students and youth 18 & under


About the Set—From the Set Designer
“Following conversations with playwright and director, Danielle Dwyer about the vision for this production, it was clear that we needed to include an oak tree, and a large one at that. My research revealed a deep reverence for the oak which is considered one of the five sacred guardian trees of Ireland. The ancient architecture of the set needed to feel primitive, so we had the rough stage planks that needed to fold right into the side of the oak tree and down onto the rocky soil, using rough hewn tree limbs and ropes to bind the log framing together. This style of logconstruction was also used to assemble a scaffold upon which the program’s percussionists could stand in order to play their instruments.”—Hans Olsen

About the Original Music—From the Composer
“When I was first approached with this project, I wanted to conjure a very earthy, naturalistic feeling for the audience. The main character is a fighter and I wanted that influence to be felt in the music. This led to the almost sole use of percussive orchestration.

Dara, the ancient oak tree, was the most difficult entity for me to connect with on a personal level. There is something mystical about a guardian of the forest. In Norse mythology, the oak is said to be the keeper of wisdom, as it lives longer than all the other trees. I was looking for a sound that felt timeless—almost lost in ageless thought—reflecting a character set apart from the quick decisions of men, while remaining clearly in the present. A combination of sustained bowing on the vibraphone, and the active clang of bells blowing in the tree’s branches, became the voice of Dara.”—Alexander Pugsley