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From the Director

As I have been working on this piece, “The Oaks of Mamre”, it has come to mean more to me than the single meeting we know of, that Abraham and Sarah had with the Divine, in a spot close to what we know as Hebron, Israel.

The Oaks of Mamre has become a place of meeting, prayer, seeking, and, most importantly, listening: Listening to the authentic voice of truth and wisdom.

While this piece is based on recorded history written by St Bede, Cogitosus, and others, it is also an imagining of how those events may have come about. At its core, is the recognition of ancient wisdom held in the voice and presence of the Trinity of God— echoed by, and in, his creation.

Through one character’s experience, we see this wisdom reflected back and taken into their life and choosing— choosing moment by moment, living in that fragile state and being at peace there.

Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.