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From the Director

Dear Friends,

It is our pleasure to welcome you once again to an Elements Theatre Company production here at the Community of Jesus. One of our founders, Mother Cay Anderson (d. 1988) had a saying: “True spirituality is reality.” In working with the monologues being presented tonight, that phrase has repeatedly come to mind.

Alan Bennett wrote this series of twelve plays over a period of time: the first six in the mid-1980’s, and then the second six during the following decade. These characters are amalgamations of people who populated his childhood in the north of England. Their mannerisms, their figures of speech, and their views on the world, are each distinctly their own, and yet they ring with a universal truth that we all understand, even if with some discomfort. Bennett masterfully leads us into their lives without any introduction, apology, or explanation. “The monologue,” says Bennett, “is all about what’s not there. What they don’t tell you.” He knows that what is true—what is real—will communicate “spirit to spirit” with his audience. This opens the door for the character to speak and to reveal of themselves what they will . . . which they do in their own time.

Bennett’s language seems to lay out the nature of his characters in almost a skeletal form. The set design tonight picks up this idea of skeleton, with minimal cushioning or comfort. As you will see in their stories, little is present of comfort in their lives to nurture their humanity and spirit. It is my feeling that the pursuit of that comfort has each of them telling their story in his or her unique way.

Thank you for joining us.

Sr. Danielle Dwyer