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From the Director

Dear Friends,

Welcome to The Doorway, a play written specifically for Tenth Anniversary of the Dedication of the Church of the Transfiguration—a play that celebrates many aspects of the church, the people, and stories that inhabit this space.

The world of The Doorway exists in Madeleine’s imagination, and as one of the main characters in the story, this world allows for great possibilities of whimsy, magic, and opportunities to exercise what S.T. Coleridge called the willing suspension of disbelief. Mr. Coleridge calls this exercise poetic faith, the ability to allow characters supernatural, natural, and whimsical to inhabit the same time and space in the service of truth in story.

This building, full of story, in and of itself holds no magical qualities without the people who inhabit this space and the active exercising of their faith. So, while this space is an Ebenezer to many of us, it cannot hold any power without the transforming nature of faith. With the truth provided by faith fully present, this building can become a point of convergence for many of the “magical” qualities of God and be an invitation to poetic faith. In such a house of convergence, faith can enable us to mingle with the people of story, and experience their lives; indeed, we can be transported into the presence of Jesus who takes three disciples up to a mountain, and breaks into understood time, to merge with Moses and Elijah who have lived and died centuries before, to have his true nature revealed by God the Father, and, after such an awe inspiring event, require the disciples to tell no one.

What does that kind of supernatural knowledge and intercourse with that kind of energy do to a person? It fuels a hunger to look for the presence of God in both the world and the people around them. It is this intoxicating, life giving experience that haunts and fuels the saints and faithful, us, to pursue relationship with the Divine. This magnetic energy leads us back to the source, and in that moment of recognition, we find a bit of completion, seeing the other side of ourselves in His glory.

So, on this anniversary, we look to this building, its revelation, and our ever-evolving interaction with the Divine and remember our cornerstone, which calls us out and beyond ourselves…

All you who seek Christ lift your eyes up on high.

Thank you for celebrating with us,