The Dining Room

Today was the last day of this performance for a while.  No doubt it will be pulled back out, dusted off, and re-explored. Someday.
The Dining Room was one of those plays that is either understood and played truthfully with all of the characters exposing the good and bad side of us all, or it entirely misses the mark and becomes a unintentional comedy.  Without understanding (or)truth characters have nothing that we want to identify with. 

One of the things we strive to do in Gloriae Dei Artes Foundation is to encourage younger people to come along side us and explore the Arts for themselves.  The benefit of this is almost tangible when you talk to the kids and hear what they have understood.  Here is what one of the stagehands said about the last performance today,  … now it’s time for us to send it off to live a life of its own in the hearts and lives of everyone who came to see it. All we did was give the play legs and a voice to tell its story . It is bigger than all of us- the actors, the tech crew, everyone. Thinking of it that way makes it seem kind of  . . . beautiful.

So, until Someday…

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